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What to expect at your bespoke holistic facial

I’ll begin the consultation with a short form to be completed, asking about any health-related problems that I should be aware of. I’ll also ask if you have any concerns regarding your skin and what your usual skin care regime is. This helps me to decide which products are going to benefit your skin and which essential oils will support your well-being.

Once you’re snuggled on the couch, which can be heated if that’s your preference, and made comfortable, I’ll turn on some gentle music to aid relaxation.

The facial will begin with removal of any eye make-up and lipstick you may be wearing, followed by three cleanses. An exfoliator is used at the second cleanse with steam, if it’s appropriate for your skin type and there are no health issues. A toner is applied to balance the pH of your skin.

Massage comes next, using essential oils as discussed and selected in our consultation. Essential oils have many beneficial properties which can support you both physically and emotionally.

The upper chest and shoulder area is massaged, as well as the face, this is very relaxing. During the facial massage the acupressure points are stimulated as well as draining of the lymph nodes, this can be helpful if you suffer from seasonal allergies or are getting over a cold.

A mask is applied and, while it “does its stuff”, a scalp or hand and arm massage are given. Both are great to relieve tense muscles from sitting at a desk or built-up tension from everyday life. Whichever you choose you’ll feel pampered and cared for.

Removal of the mask using warm mitts is followed by application of an anti-aging eye cream, facial serum and a moisturiser, containing your chosen essential oils. Your choice of lip balm is applied to complete your relaxing holistic facial.

Before you leave, you’ll be advised to keep the products on your skin for as long as possible, to get maximum benefit from them, plus you’ll also receive a small pot of facial moisturiser containing your selected essential oils to use at home, completely free.

All products used are of the highest quality, organic or natural. I’m very particular about what I put on my skin – if I wouldn’t use a product, neither would I use it on a client.

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